My First Rolled Hem Project

I am so proud of myself!  I had the opportunity to work on a bridesmaids gown that required a rolled hem for the sheer overdress.  I’d had that rolled hem foot in my box forever (I mean forever!).  It sort of intimidated me.  But, after watching the YouTube video I posted (see previous post), I thought “Hey, this looks super simple!”  And it was!  Now I want to roll hems all over the place!  That little foot is a great invention!

DSC00149 DSC00148 DSC00145


A little organization goes a long way!

Old Earring2New Earring1New Earring2

Recently, I have been so tied up with work and the business of living, I have not had much time to sew at all for myself.  As I sat on my bed feeling a bit bummed about this, I looked at my very ratty looking ribbon hanging on my wall which I hang all my earrings on.  The ribbon just works.  I can see all my earrings and selecting a pair is easy.  No digging around in a jewelry box or wrestling with an earring tree.  Plus, taking them off and putting them back on the ribbon is easy.  But my little blue ribbon was looking pretty beat up and I was running out of room on it.

So, in about an hour (really, try it!), I cut a burlap square from the big coffee bags that were given to me by the coffee vendor at our local farmers market.  Next, I chose a fabric from my stash for the backing and cut out a matching square and sewed the 2 together.  I left just enough open so I could turn it inside out (like making a pillow).  I pressed and then made a simple casing to run the dowel and the ribbons through.   Lastly, I added the flower and stenciling just for fun.  Now, I have room for all my earrings and that ONE LITTLE PIECE of my life/world is organized!!  Yay!!  I got a surprizing amount of satisfaction out of this little project!

I made one of these for a friend for Christmas and she loves it.  And my little neighbor (Kennedy) who is 10 stopped over and we made one together for her to give to her big sister.  That was her first  ever sewing project!  What fun!

Now, let’s see… there another teeny weeny thing I can do to feel very, very organized?  🙂  (It never ends, does it?!)

Hanna and Mickey – both in Fur!

Hanna and Mickey

My friend (and hairdresser) Hanna stopped by recently with her puppy Mickey to pick up her fur jacket that I altered (original fur in previous post).  She was so short the bottom of the fur needed to be cut off entirely and the arm holes raised.  This was a real project and I was nervous to work on it – it was obviously an expensive jacket.  I am absolutely sure that I did not do this alteration as a professional furrier would have!!  However, it looked great inside and out when it was completed.  I just did what seemed to make sense and my machine handled the fur wonderfully.  I used a size 16 needle for that. The hem I ended up hand stitching.

So, for those of you thinking something is out of your league, I encourage you to just try!!  We bartered services and this baby got me free haircuts and highlights for a long, long time!  It was worth it!

Vintage Furs In Need of a Good Home!

fur1 fur2 fur3 fur4 fur5 fur7 fur8 fur9 fur10

As I was working on altering a fur jacket for a friend, I was just so impressed with the workmanship, the feel of the jacket, and just how classy it was and is.  For fun, I did a Google search for furs from the 1940’s and the photos above are a few of the results.  Many of these furs are available on eBay for purchase!!  Now, I’m not in favor of farming animals for their hides, but these gorgeous furs are already here and no one is wearing them!!  It seems a terrible waste!

I live in Southwest Florida, soooo………fur coats/jackets are totally impractical.  A cold day here is 57 degrees!  However, I’m just putting the idea out there for people who live in colder climates.  I think combining a fur coat or jacket with a pair a leather (or faux leather) pants, a leather pencil skirt, or even a leather top would look amazing.  Even pairing a fur with jeans and killer boots.  I imagine any of these combinations with a very natural makeup and a lipstick that pops (some type of red especially).

Just putting the idea out there in case it tickles someones fancy as much as it does mine.

Stay warm and happy sewing!!

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